Home Lifestyle A woman just bought a new wardrobe to surprise her husband.

A woman just bought a new wardrobe to surprise her husband.

A woman has just bought an IKEA wardrobe.

She just finished building it when a bus drove past the window and the dresser collapsed to the ground.

She assembled it again, but then another bus drove by and the whole thing collapsed again.
Her husband was at work, she called her neighbour to help her fix this.

The neighbour came over and built the whole thing, which fell apart when another bus drove by.

– “OK,” he says, “we’ll build it again, but this time, I will enter the dresser to see what’s happening from the inside when the bus comes by”

So he entered and waited.

The husband came home and said: “Aaah lovely, the new wardrobe is here”

He opened it and saw the neighbour. Enraged, he screams:

– What are you doing here?



– Er… I bet you won’t believe me if I say I’m waiting for the bus…

The boss giving everyone a check for $5,000.”

The owner of a company tells his employees one day

He said:

“You worked very hard this year, therefore the company’s profits increased dramatically. As a reward, I’m giving everyone a check for $5,000.”

Thrilled, the employees gather around and high-five one another.




“And if you work with the same zeal next year, I’ll sign those checks!”

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