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Can you spot the playful cat hiding in plain sight?

A cheeky cat has hidden herself among these chainsaws in the hardware store.

She has taken a fancy to the spot on the shelf – but can you spot her?

Now take a look:

Do you see the hidden cat?

If not, that’s OK.

Keep trying.

Here’s a hint.

focus on the third row

If you want to see the solution, keep scrolling.

Last chance to turn back!

Here it is:




Can you spot the cat hidden in plain sight?

The snow leopard, known as the ghost of the mountains, is a pro at camouflage. Known for being a solitary and shy animal, this big cat can blend perfectly well into its mountainous surroundings thanks to its thick yellow and grey coat.

In the picture below, there is a snow leopard are walking, can you find him in less than 30 seconds. Only people with good eyesight can find him.



At first glance, you see a snow-covered mountainside and that’s it… well not quite! There is a cat hidden somewhere and it’s not easy to find him. Can you see him?

How fast did you find the big cat?

are you ready for an answer?







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