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Choose Which Box Has The Right Layout, And We’ll Tell You About Your Strong Side

Reveal your strong side in this quick, fun, and easy picture test!

The patterns of the eggs in these cartons may seem random to you, but they give a very insightful look into your subconscious and reveal your hidden strengths. Everyone has a strong side, can this picture quiz tell you something about your strengths?







The first pattern

If you have chosen the first pattern, your hidden strength is leadership ability. You, like this pattern, serve as the tip of the spear in all circumstances. In most circumstances, you are the person people look to first in and people think they feel safer with your confidence. You have strong intuition and most people trust your gut instincts.

You are a natural leader and you often find yourself being looked to for leadership, whether you like it or not. People tend to be motivated by your positive attitude and competitive spirit. You don’t ask to be in charge, that’s just the way it ends up.

The second pattern

Choosing the second pattern is a good sign that you are easy-going and laid back. You can adapt to any situation and unforeseen circumstances never really shake you. You are the symbol of stability and people are always impressed by their ability to calm down under pressure.

You have this incredible ability to finesse each situation you are in and to be at the top. People admire you for your ability to cope with almost anything and in times of unimaginable pressure when they need someone to rely on because everything else has failed and they come to you. You have a supernatural ability to deal with any crisis that comes your way.

The third pattern

You are artistic, intelligent, and imaginative. Whenever you have to stay still instead of acting out your creative passions, you start dreaming right away. You can’t help but keep your mind from running wild unless you can occupy it with something artistic.

You enjoy experiencing new things and also have a constant desire to learn new things. You have a passion for life and pursuing your passion makes you happier. When you spend too much time in one place, it can seem boring. You may prefer to travel and see new places instead.

The fourth pattern

You are detail-oriented and organized. You appreciate when things are going well and like to find harmony in the things you do. You find enjoyment in the simpler things in life and take great pride in your own work and a job well done.

You are a hard worker and want to make sure things are done right. You’re good at handling things because you always keep a good perspective and can be a perfectionist at times. You like to see things done properly because otherwise why bother doing them at all.

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