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Only genius can spot the Daisy!

In this busy scene, there is a hidden daisy, Can you spot it?

It has taken the average player 17 seconds to find – with the record currently sitting at 10 seconds.

So, can you beat it? Scroll down for the answer… but no cheating!

Did you find the daisy?

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We’ll give you some more time …

Found them yet?


We’ll give you one last shot.



Ready to see where it’s hidden?

Alright, here it is:

Find the Shrimp

Brain teasers are so much fun, and they help keep your mind as sharp as possible. They’re even better when created for a good cause.

A TRICKY optical illusion has called on viewers to spot a Shrimp hidden in this busy picture.

Can you find it in less than 1 minute?

It’s a tricky one.

Can you spot the Shrimp?

The clock is ticking …

Maybe you need a hint.

hint: there is no hint for u

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