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Spot the kiwis among the kiwi birds!

Adorable seek-and-find puzzle featuring fruit hidden among birds will put your observation skills to the test.

YOU could be a genius if you spot four hidden kiwi fruits in this head-spinning puzzle.

Let’s see how fast you can find them all.

Did you spot them all?

If you didn’t, that’s okay.

Try again.

Still no sign of them?

The answer is below.

If you want to see where it is, keep scrolling.

Or if you want to look one more time, now’s your chance to scroll back up.

Ready to see the answer?

Here it is:

Can You Find the Pencil Hidden Among the Books in less than 30 seconds?

A new frustrating new puzzle is challenging the web to spot the pencil hidden somewhere among these colorful novels.

A pencil is hidden somewhere among these colorful books. Can you find it?

Scroll down for the solution…

For those in need of a hint, the pencil is the same shade of green as the books in the illustration.

And eagle-eyed players should be able to spot it towards the center-right of the image.







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