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Which Tank Will Fill Up First?

Which tank will fill up first?

We all love riddles and training our brains, and it’s a good choice. Are you ready to wake up and face this puzzle?

It’s quite simple, but at the same time, it can get tricky. It is important to concentrate and coordinate your brain and eyes. Now we’ll see if you can do it, and to make it fair, you only have 10 seconds.

Which tank will fill up first in the picture?

Are you sure about your answer?

Which Tank Will Fill Up First – Blockages at D & H





The answer is F. Here’s how:

As soon as the level of water in bucket A reaches the pipe feeding B, it will start flowing and filling up B, and then logically C will start filling up. Now C has two pipes that will drain the water out of it. As shown in the above pic, the pipe feeding D is blocked, and none of the buckets it feeds will fill up (i.e., D, E & G).

So water will logically start filling up J. Now J again has two pipes draining water out of it. Now, here most people think, the bottommost pipe will drain bucket J, but the pipe draining out of it feeds at the top of the bucket. According to simple fluid dynamics, I wouldn’t start filling up unless and until J fills up to the same level as the pipe feeding into I. But before J fills up to the top, the pipe feeding L will drain water out of it, which will make sure J doesn’t fill up to the brim. From there on, the answer is simple. H is blocked and the bucket F will fill up first.

So again F filled up first. So that settles it that the answer is F both logically and scientifically. If you answered F, you are correct.

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