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Why are you crying?

A kid was crying standing outside his house.

A passer by asked: “Why are you crying?”

Kid: “My parents are fighting inside the house.”

Passer by: “Who is your father?”

Kid: “That is what the fight is about.”

“Little Johnny, why does your little sister cry?”

“Because I helped her.”

“But that is a good thing! What did you help her with?”

“I helped her eat her gummy bears.”

Two little boys, one blond, one with brown hair, were arguing over whose father could beat the other’ up.

The brown-haired kid said, “My father is way better than yours.”

The blond came back, “Maybe, but my mother is better than yours.”

“That’s what my father says.”

Two friends chatting in the bar.

“Man, me and my wife had a fight yesterday.”

“Oh yea, about what?”

“You see, I wanted to watch the game but she wanted to watch a movie.”

“So, how was the movie then?”

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